Nuova versione! Speak English Magically – Corso d’inglese per italiani parla Antonio Libertino

November 9th, 2015 by Evo

We’ve got a new title, and it’s in Italian! Speak English Magically –  Corso d’inglese

Vuoi immergerti nell’inglese in modo piacevole e rilassante?Immagina un giorno di svegliarti e di parlare l’inglese…magicamente. Come sarebbe? Se stai leggendo queste righe, significa che vuoi davvero parlare l’inglese molto bene. Immagina di essere gia’ in grado di parlarlo fluentemente, come ti sentiresti? Emozionato? Felice? Che ne diresti di divertirti e goderti anche il processo di apprendimento? Tutto questo e molto altro e’ Speak English Magically! In questo podcast troverai gli audio in inglese preceduti da una breve introduzione dell’autore. I testi sono disponibili in versione cartacea ed eBook. Leggono Antonio Libertino e Veronica Giguere. Musica di Kevin Macleod.

Would you like to immerse yourself in the English language in a pleasant and relaxing way?
Imagine one day you wake up and you speak English…magically. What would it be like? If you are reading these lines, it means that you really want to speak English very well. Imagine you are already able to speak it fluently, how would you feel? Excited? Happy? What about having fun and enjoying the learning process too? All this, and much more, is Speak English Magically! On this podcast you’ll find the English audio from the Course introduced by the author. Texts are available as paperback and eBook. Narrated by Antonio Libertino and Veronica Giguere. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

New release! The Enoch Pill by Matthew William

November 3rd, 2015 by Evo

Got a thing for scifi? Check out our newest serialized audiobook: The Enoch Pill by Matthew William –

The world was changed forever when scientists developed a pill that extended the human life span indefinitely. It was distributed free of charge, to the furthest corners of the globe. Everyone was about to live forever. Well, almost everyone. When 18-year-old Kizzy Cartwright learns that she’s immune to the immortality-giving pill, it makes her a social outcast. Her only hope is to find the missing scientist who invented the compound, otherwise she’ll be the last person to grow old and die.

Nathan Lowell has a new Ishmael Wang book out!

October 4th, 2015 by Lucie Le Blanc


In Ashes Born is the first installment in the new A Seeker’s Tale From The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper series.

Dr Lowell confirmed on Twitter that the audiobook for this new Ishmael Wang story would not be available until next year, BUT he did say that he was going to write three more books in the next three months, one for the A Seeker’s Tale From The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper series and two for the new A Smuggler’s Tale From The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper series.

There has been no new book involving Ishmael since 2010 and, if you missed his adventures as much as we did, you will want to catch up with him through any means available.

Here’s the blurb:

An old friend. A new course.

A deadly ship with a secret cargo.

Ishmael Wang returns to Port Newmar but ghosts from his past have followed him. His old shipmate, Phillip Carstairs, offers him the opportunity to track down the man who killed his lover. The catch? He must take command of the Chernyakova, a ship that still stinks of death and haunts Ishmael’s nightmares.

Together, Phillip and Ismael begin a journey into unknown reaches of the Deep Dark to bring back the man who killed Greta.

New release! Underwood and Flinch: Blood and Smoke

September 21st, 2015 by Evo

Fans of Mike’s hugely popular Underwood and Flinch series will be thrilled to learn of a new eight-episode novel that continues the tale! Check out Underwood and Flinch: Blood and Smoke:

The adventure of Underwood and Flinch continues in this first audiobook sequel to the original story. Having returned to the house in Spain, David Flinch uncovers old audio interviews between his father, Arthur Flinch, and the vampire, Lord Underwood. Through these recordings, David learns what happened to Underwood when he and Matthias Flinch sailed on from where we left them in 1719. A voyage that sees Underwood face new dangers, make new allies, and discover more about the creature of darkness he has become.

Blood and Smoke won the Parsec Award in 2014 for Best Novella.

The Ammonite Galaxy series of free audiobooks is complete!

September 6th, 2015 by Evo

Hats off to Gillian Andrews for wrapping up her epic young adult scifi series, The Ammonite Galaxy! Book 7, The Trimorphs, is available to listeners four days before the ebook hits virtual book shelves!

Six and Grace are in grave danger, but the morphics can’t be reached. They are far, far away in the Luzon Great Void. It will be down to the next generation to travel into the void to get help.

But, even with the help of the canths, will they succeed in finding the morphics?

And will they be in time, or will they all be forced into a last, desperate, cataclysmic confrontation?

New ADULTS ONLY release! Thank God For Plan B, Because Plan A Didn’t Work – Vol 1 by Michael Mahue Moore

August 17th, 2015 by Evo

Michael Mahue Moore has listed the first of his “Journey” series with us. Be advised that Thank God For Plan B, Because Plan A Didn’t Work – Vol 1 is flagged as ADULTS ONLY, so keep the kiddies away from it! Here’s what he has to say about it:

I believe that in everyone’s life there is “PLAN A” and a “PLAN B”; however, not in the traditional sense as in having a backup plan, but rather …Plan A: Is designated as the time in one’s life before you personally met Christ. PLAN B: Is after you met him and you now have a personal relationship with him, and this life should be distinctly different from your Plan A.
It is my belief that your Plan A is where Satan attacks you in the attempt to throw you off course in the effort to prevent you from meeting your objective of “Why you are here on this earth in the first place”.

In this story we follow what happened to the main character named “Jonathan Butler” and how he handled his “Curve Ball”. We watch through five different novels how he adjusts to life’s challenges and his many attempts to return to center and find his way back to Christ.

New release! Astreya Book 3: The Wanderer’s Curse

August 15th, 2015 by Evo

With Astreya Book 3: The Wanderer’s Curse, Seymour has published the final piece!

The conclusion of The Astreya Trilogy. Lindey takes Astreya, Cam, Damon, and Arneb to Matris, only to discover that much has changed since she left home. Suspicion and distrust surround them. Astreya and Lindey begin to resolve their difficulties, but a gossipy old man on a horse misrepresents the past, and all five must flee aboard Arneb’s boat. Once outside the shelter of the hills surrounding Matris, the group discovers that the Men of the Sea are searching for their navigation stones, and they think the Village where Astreya was born has them. Astreya must arrive in time to avert a massacre. When the great black ship reaches the headlands of the fjord, Astreya must confront the worst and the best aspects of his inheritance before he can unravel his past and lift The Wanderer’s Curse.

The Heavenfield series is now complete!

July 25th, 2015 by Evo

(Evo’s note: I’m going to break with tradition and gush unapologetically about this series. It’s quite simply amazing, from writing, production, narration… everything. I’ve blocked off the rest of the morning to mainline these final seven episodes!)

The fourth and final installment of the Heavenfield story!

Hailed as a ‘Modern-day Classic of Science-Fiction’, the Heavenfield is a dark science-fiction thriller set within a British experimental research facility, involving clandestine Government Agencies, Supernatural Forces, and Alternate Realities.

The final part of the story sees the struggle over the Heavenfield escalate, until Grace Palmer and Thomas Sullivan are drawn back into danger. Nations clash, and supernatural forces march towards a battle that threatens to bring the world to the very brink of destruction.

“A must for any sci-fi fan!”

The sequel story, The Dead Man’s Feast, is now available.

Visit to find out more.

New release! My Brother’s Story by Allen Johnson Jr.

July 11th, 2015 by Evo

We’ve got a three-times award-winning book live on the site today! Please enjoy the young adult tale, My Brother’s Keeper by Allen Johnson Jr!

The Blackwater Novels are set in the 1930s along the Blackwater Swamp, near the fictional town of Turpentine, Georgia. Get in trouble with the twins when they shoot green tomatoes in a giant slingshot, and dynamite a toilet with a cherry bomb. Explore the magic and mystery of nature . . . hear the critters in the swamp, sleep in a treehouse, find a hidden grave, and sleep on an island by the embers of a campfire.

New release! The Champion by Scott Sigler

July 7th, 2015 by Evo

Book five in the gangsters-meet-aliens young adult series The Galactic Football League is finally on Get caught up on all the action, then dive right into The Champion by Scott Sigler.

Seven centuries in the future, the sport of American football has never been bigger, never been faster, never been more lethal. Trillions of fans from all over the galaxy watch six unique races battle in contests so violent that deaths are part of the stat sheet. Star quarterback Quentin Barnes has led his beloved Ionath Krakens to glory on the gridiron and become the most-recognized individual in history, but it is off the field where his world crumbles around him. Over four seasons with Ionath, he’s picked up powerful enemies, one of which drove his sister into the Portath Cloud, a place from which no ship returns. Because his enemies include his team owner – a possessive crime lord who treats players like property – and the ruling government that controls the shipping lanes, Quentin and his friends must hide from the media spotlight as they search for a way to rescue his sister.

Set against the backdrop of a professional American football franchise seven centuries in the future, the Galactic Football League puts huge humans on the field with five alien races to create a game that is faster, stronger, and deadlier than anything we know today. Quarterback Quentin Barnes has grown from a racist, small-town standout into a proven leader, a uniter of peoples, and the Galaxy’s most-famous athlete. Willing to do anything for his team, his Ionath Krakens have bound together through shared sacrifice, tragedy, devastating losses and thrilling victories.The GFL series melds star-spanning scifi, brutal crime fiction, and intense sports action into a smash-mouth extravaganza unlike anything you’ve read before.