How to Get Your Book Listed on

(Updated 1/03/2016)

Getting your book listed on has never been easier. If we’ve proven one thing in the last 10 years, it’s that having a free serialized audiobook gains new authors valuable attention, and reinforces the loyalty factor of an established author’s most voracious readers.

But there’s another important part of being a successful author: Getting paid.

For authors who want to get paid for their book:

scribl is now a key distribution partner for Scribl. Any audiobooks directly published and distributed by Scribl will automatically become part of the library. You, the author or producer, create a single set of files for your audiobook, and Scribl’s intelligent distribution system takes care of the rest. Serializing, encoding, tagging, naming… it’s all handled!

Find out just how easy it is to list your audiobooks and ebooks for sale with Scribl, and a free serialized audiobook version will also be listed on in no time!

For those that don’t…

We realize not everyone is interested in or needs assistance with pricing and distribution of their work. If you’d rather skip Scribl and keep on keepin’ on with a free serialized audiobook, we have two options for your to consider:

  • Classic (Free!) – Our original, free-to-host model isn’t going away. Ever. It’s how we started, and we’ll always support it for the true DIY enthusiast who likes doing everything.
  • Valet ($9.99 per month)–  You take care of the narration, we take care of adding serializing elements, technical specifications, and other elements unique to this distribution method. We only charge the fee for a set period of time, have discounts for multiple books, and are working on ways of making it free, too. Classic Model (Free!)

Think you’ve got the skills to master audio production? Sure you do! There’s a mixture of art and science when it comes doing a good job, but people just like you have been doing it since podcasting hit the scene in 2004. We’ve provided a few tips at the end of this page to help you understand what you’re in for. (And if you decide it’s not for you, consider our Valet model!)

If you can follow these four simple steps, we’ll list your serialized audiobook on for free. No strings attached. No hidden charges. It’s what we’ve done since 2005, and we’ll keep doing forever.

  1. Read and follow the Submission Guidelines. You can read them online or download a .pdf, .mobi or .epub file.
  2. Join the Mentorship Program and submit your first episode to the wisdom of the crowd when you are ready. Seriously. Don’t skip this step. Even if you’re old hat at audio production, there’s a lot different about creating a serialized audiobook. Joining this group will let you ask questions and avoid the pitfalls of others.
  3. After your mentoring is complete, follow the instructions in the Author Guidelines  and submitting the file to the staff. (The staff’s name is Evo.)
  4. After your first episode is confirmed, sit back and relax until we email you back. It’s a manual review process, so don’t fret. If you did the first two steps properly, you’ll pass with flying colors, and we’ll give you the go ahead to start producing the remaining episodes and tell you everything you need to know about getting your book listed. And yes, it’s free! Valet Service ($9.99 per month)

This plan is aimed at the author who’s more interested in having their voice heard than worrying about the finer details of creating intros and outros for all their episodes, encoding proper .mp3 files, ID3 tagging, and a host of other small details that, quite frankly, trip a lot of people up.

For those people, we say this: Give use your edited narration file(s) and we’ll take care of everything else. And by “edited” we mean that you’ve gone through and done the gross editing, taking out miscues, repeated sections, and any thing needed to make the story content a contiguous experience. The Valet service is mostly one of production, not full-blown audio editing. For under $10, we really can’t afford to do extensive editing. So here’s what we will do:

  • We’ll handle the serialization, either combining or splitting chapters/sections as necessary to create a uniform length for each episode.
  • We’ll collaborate with you to create and attach a custom intro and outro for each episode, including the securing of rights to music.
  • We’ll encode all the episodes in the proper .mp3 format.
  • We’ll properly complete all the ID3 tags, including adding your book’s cover as the artwork.
  • We’ll collaborate with you on the title/description of each episode.
  • And finally, we’ll upload all the media files, descriptions, and cover art, and launch your book on our site.

Not a bad deal for only $9.99 a month. And after your book’s been with us for a year, we drop the price big time. And don’t worry if you have multiple books. We have a sliding scale that allows you to list your entire bibliography with us and not break the bank.

Our Valet service is brand new, so we haven’t worked out the complete process. But we’re committed to making it work. If you’re interested, please send Evo an email and start the dialog.

There you have it. Three ways you can get your book listed on — let Scribl distribute your audiobook to us, create you own serialized audiobook, or we can help out with the technical lifting. Choose the one that fits you and your needs the best, and we’ll do whatever we can to make it happen.


Tips and Tricks for the Classic Model built the single largest “library” of freely available serialized audio books on the internet on the backs of hundreds of authors who did it on their own. We love them for that and encourage any author to give it a shot. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun!

But a word of warning: creating an audio book takes specialized knowledge and equipment. You will not master the process in one sitting. This takes time and energy, and hastily produced books don’t do very well, on our site or anywhere else. Recording, editing and producing audio content is very much a “do it yourself” way of life, and the burden of the learning curve will be on your shoulders.

But don’t fret! If it were horribly complicated, there wouldn’t be hundreds of books on our site, recorded and produced podcasts in their basements, garages and spare bedrooms of authors seeking new methods of reaching a wider audience.

Tip #1 – Educate Yourself

There have been some great books written on the art and science of recording audio. Two of the founders of this site, Evo and Tee, penned one themselves just before launching It’s called Podcasting for Dummies and, while not being specifically aimed at creating serialized audio books, has been used by many authors with much success.

Google will prove an invaluable tool in finding additional resources.

Tip #2 – Invest in Good Equipment

Yes, you can record your serialized audio book with the built-in microphone on your computer. And it will sound like you did so. If you’re going to put the effort into making the book, you might as well drop a little coin on a good microphone and the right kinds of equipment.

The good news is that equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, quality recording and editing products seem to be constantly dropping in price. If you have a budget of only a few hundred dollars, you can set yourself up with a rather nice home recording studio.


This probably should be tip #1, as only only about 25% of initial submissions actually meet our guidelines. That’s unfortunate, because we’ve made our Submission Guidelines about as easy to follow as possible. The trouble is this: many people don’t bother to read them. Don’t be one of those people. Read the guidelines. Follow the guidelines. There’s nothing hard in there, but you would be amazed at how many people don’t read it. If you want to use the Classic model to list your book on, you’ll take the time to not only read this very short guide, but you’ll also do everything we say inside. Please?

Tip #4 – Consider the Eleven Commandments

No, not those Commandments, the Eleven Commandments of Serialized Audiobook Production. Only slightly less well known than the Chuck Heston movie, but significantly more on point.