How to Get Your Book(s) Listed on

Four Steps to Submitting Your Serialized Audio Boook

Ideally, you’ll read this entire page and decide if this is right for you. But in reality, many of you will just want to skim. So if you read nothing else, read the four bullet points here.

  1. Read and follow the Submission Guidelines. You can read them online or download a .pdf, .mobi or .epub file.
  2. Join the Mentorship Program, where you can upload audio samples and seek assistance from veteran authors and producers.
  3. After your mentoring is complete, follow the instructions in the Author Guidelines above for submitting your file.
  4. After your first episode is confirmed (that won’t happen instantly, so relax,) we’ll email you back with next steps.

Authoring Tips and Submission Guidelines is the single largest “library” of freely available serialized audio books on the internet. If you are an author, publisher or producer and would like to have your work listed as well — welcome aboard!

But a word of warning: creating an audio book takes specialized knowledge and equipment. You will not master the process in one sitting. This takes time and energy, and hastily produced books don’t do very well. Recording, editing and producing audio content is very much a “do it yourself” way of life, so the burden of the learning curve will be on your shoulders.

But don’t fret! If it were horribly complicated, there wouldn’t be hundreds of books on our site, recorded and produced podcasts in their basements, garages and spare bedrooms of authors seeking new methods of reaching a wider audience.

Educate Yourself

There have been some great books written on the art and science of recording audio. Two of the founders of this site, Evo and Tee, penned one themselves just before launching It’s called Podcasting for Dummies and, while not being specifically aimed at creating serialized audio books, has been used by many authors with much success.

Google will prove an invaluable tool in finding additional resources.

Invest in Good Equipment

Yes, you can record your serialized audio book with the built-in microphone on your computer. And it will sound like you did that. If you’re going to put the effort into making the book, you might as well drop a little coin on a good microphone and the right kinds of equipment.

The good news is that equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, quality recording and editing products seem to be constantly dropping in price. If you have a budget of only a few hundred dollars, you can set yourself up with a rather nice home recording studio.


As more and more folks start down this path, we’re becoming forced to turn people away, simply because they can not follow easy-to-understand directions. We’ve created a submission guidelines packet which we require all authors to follow. There’s nothing hard in here, but you would be amazed at how many people don’t read it. If you want your book on, you’ll take the time to not only read this very short guide, but you’ll also do *everything* we say inside. Please?

Having said all that, we’re still here to help. If you’ve got questions about getting started, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are a publisher or an author and have specific questions which may not be covered on this page, in the guide, or on our FAQ page, drop us a line at

We’re nice guys. All of us love books and are very active in the community. We walk the line and talk the talk every single day. And we really would like to see your book on our site.