New release! On Liberty by John Stuart Mill

July 2nd, 2014 by Evo

David “Grizzly” Smith has a penchant for narrating the classics. This time, it’s On Liberty, published originally 145 years ago.

“On Liberty,” a seminal work by philosopher John Stuart Mill.  Mill felt there were no definite standards for defining what society has standing to regulate and punish, and what is solely the business of individual to choose for themselves, if they accept the consequences to themselves.  It is a discussion that needs to be remembered, and it is a discussion that needs to be revived in the modern world.  Liberty still matters.

New release! Tincture, And The Devil Pulls Six-Guns by Matthew D. Jordan

July 1st, 2014 by Evo

Woot! The second book is out! If you like your scifi on the post apocalyptic side, you’ll love Tincture, And The Devil Pulls Six-Guns:

After the events in the Shimmer Town, Abranyah and her family are left with more responsibility than she believes they can handle – both in her time, as it is, and in the “other place.” As the rebuild continues, cryptic clues of a time before hers – a time before The Whatever – have started appearing in Abranyah’s life. Truly the only thing certain, in times as they are, is uncertainty. A mysterious figure known as The Lazaran begins to influence events in the barren, The Warrant ushers more and more of the populace under their wing, and a wanted man known as Devil makes Abranyah an intriguing proposition. Will her decisions effect life before The Whatever? Will she discover the secret to the blackness? Or, will her choices lead to war?

New release! Astreya: Book 1. The Voyage South by Seymour Hamilton

June 29th, 2014 by Evo

Looking for a fantasy/scifi young adult mashup? Seymour has it with Astreya: Book 1. The Voyage South:

When Astreya is 17, his widowed mother gives him his father’s knife, riddling notebook and bracelet.  Searching for the meaning of his strange inheritance he sails south into adventure:  he endures storm at sea, betrayal, slavery, night escapes, false accusations and knife fights, but with the help of loyal friends he also begins to find love and the chance to discover his destiny.

New release! Montgomery’s Trouble in the Underworld by Phin Hall

June 15th, 2014 by Evo

Here’s a new fantasy-based children’s tale by Phin Hall. It’s called Montgomery’s Trouble in the Underworld:

Thirteen-year-old Montgomery does not believe in magic. But then, he’d have said people don’t live hundreds of metres below London, yet here they are! And in the Underworld city of Lundarien they have eight kinds of magic – the ‘Magic Circles’.

Here Montgomery meets Jarfin and others, who show him around the vast city caverns and even take him hunting in the Hanging Forest, and he soon feels more at home in the Underworld than back in his apartment on the Surface.

But all is not well in Lundarien, what with the kidnappings, the stampeding monsters and the dark forces lurking in the Labyrinth, and Montgomery finds himself drawn into defending the city and his new friends against an evil tyrant, while unearthing his own magical heritage.

New release! Out of the Bag and Other Quirky Short Stories

June 12th, 2014 by Evo

Here’s a quick compilation by Deborah Ochery, Janet Loftis, and Xina Marie Uhl:

Five humorous short stories make up this collection by the authors of XC Here you’ll find a quirky mix of romance, science fiction, and fantasy tales by Deborah Ochery, Janet L. Loftis, and Xina Marie Uhl with one thing in common – they will amuse as well as intrigue you.

Spicy romance writer Deborah Ochery brings you “Adventures in Speed Dating.” Speed dating is where the best your city has to offer steps forth to WOW you in ninety seconds or less! Kendra is not impressed.

Janet Loftis brings you science fiction in “The Human Jean Gnome Project, ” where a hospital laboratory, a dwarf, and a confused intern make beautiful puns together. In “Yeah, But Can It Drive a Car” aliens fly millions of miles just to navigate California freeways. This involves much driving like Starsky and Hutch, some general exasperation and the possibility of grisly death.

Xina Marie Uhl brings you fantasy in “A Fairy Tail,” where a lustful knight and a shape-changing unicorn compete to win the hand of a damsel who’s not in distress. In the super short story “Out of the Bag” Jason the cop expects a normal day on the force, but a chance encounter on a breaking and entering call changes everything. A bonus excerpt from The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior gives you a hilarious taste of humans’ eccentricities from a cat’s point of view. Learn about the manual that CATSWEEK touts as unraveling “the tangled inner workings of human beings, allowing you to subjugate them better than ever before!”

New release! Trudie Lem: Spaceship Captain, Earth Detective by Lola Lariscy

May 17th, 2014 by Evo

Who’s up for some new scifi this weekend? Check out Trudie Lem by Lola Lariscy

Trudie Lem is ugly. Irresponsible. Alien. Space Captain. Earth Detective. Only the galaxy knows how she survived prior to enlisting Aurora, her co-pilot and overall minder. Together they solve minor Earth mysteries and confront greater galactic threats. Trudie drinks and flirts with the small town inhabitants of their adopted home. Aurora dreams of a life where she’s in charge and back in the sky. With Trudie’s penchant for trouble and Aurora’s desire to do something other than answer the dang phone, there’s no shortage of excitement in their lives.

New release! The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 5: Shores Beyond the World

May 16th, 2014 by Evo

And that’s a wrap! This book marks the last in the The Guild of the Cowry Catchers series. Please enjoy Shores Beyond the World by Abigail Hilton:

They did a terrible thing. They’ve returned to make it right. The price will be high.

Chaos is sweeping the islands of Wefrivain–slave revolts, attacks on temples, and questions about the true nature of the wyvern gods. The catalyst is a single book called The Guild of the Cowry Catchers. The authors are a band of pirates.

Gerard and his friends are not content to merely spread unrest. They’re determined to free the fauns of Maijha Minor, who are scheduled to be sold or slaughtered. This is a situation that Gerard, Silveo, and Gwain created, and they want to make it right.

However, things are not as they seem on the deadly island game park. Priestess Morchella is pulling strings, and the fauns may want their own brand of revenge. Gerard lost everything last time he stepped onto Maijha Minor. If he’s not careful, the same could happen again.

The Guild of the Cowry Catchers is a fullcast audio experience, featuring the voices of Nathan Lowell, Norm Sherman, Chris Lester, Kim Fortuner, Renee Chambliss, J. Daniel Sawyer, Big Anklevich, Rish Outfield, Nobilis Reed, James Durhamand, many more.

New release! Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter

April 29th, 2014 by Evo

OK, maybe “new” isn’t the right word, but it’s the first time Pollyanna has appeared on our site, thanks to the narration skills of Phil Chenevert. Here’s what this public domain book is all about:

In a small town far out West, 11 year old Pollyanna loses her mother then her dad to disease. This book describes how the orphan is sent to be raised by her aunt who lives far away in the East of the country. Unfortunately her aunt does not want her but accepts her very reluctantly only out of ‘duty’ and sticks her into a tiny hot attic room so she will be ‘out of the way’. What Aunt Polly does not know is that Pollyanna is bringing the game of being ‘glad’ that her father taught her and that her irrepressible happy attitude will transform not only that dull and miserable house, but an entire village before she is through.

New release! Yog-Sothoth’s Box by S. Lawrence Parrish

April 24th, 2014 by Evo

Up for a Lovcraftian novella? That’s what S. Lawrence Parrish has cooked up with Yog-Sothoth’s Box:

Heed not the limits of time and space,
for the Ageless Ones know no such place.
And man, that slave to light and life,
should free himself with edge of knife.

Dread C’thulhu longs to embrace,
those strong enough to face the face
and spill their blood, a fountain red,
to satiate the timeless dread.

The darkness spreads in search of those
whose righteous meddlings did impose
upon the Masters a prison cell.
Hear these words and mark them well.

Mankind’s apparent supremacy
over all the creatures of land and sea,
is but a myth that stifles truth.
Yog-Sothoth’s Box is all the proof
that fools need press to heart and vein
to understand this last refrain:

Heed not the limits of time and space,
for the Ageless Ones know no such place.

A warning from an ancient manuscript. An artefact. A scientist, a librarian, and a scholar. Mythos from the imagination of H.P. Lovecraft given a modern twist.

Yog-Sothoth’s Box: the darkness must be fed. . . .

13-point checklist to a smooth first file submission

April 23rd, 2014 by Evo

This short checklist is exactly the process I go through when reviewing your first submission. If you have not read the Submission Guidelines, please do so now. Because a lot of this won’t make sense until you have. Ready? Go.

  1. Is the filename correct? PB-TheTitleofMyBook-01.mp3 is what I’m looking for. No spaces. No punctuation. Yes, it must start with “PB-“. And no, it can’t end with the extension doubled, like “.mp3.mp3″. That happens a lot.
  2. Is the channel Joint Stereo? Because if it just says “stereo” or says “mono”, that’s not Joint Stereo. And it must be.
  3. Is the bit rate 128kbps? Not 192. Not “VBR”. Not anything that isn’t the number 128.
  4. Is there an image embedded? I should see the cover of your book, hopefully at 300×300 and 72 dpi resolution.
  5. Is the Artist tag set to the author’s name?
  6. Is the Album tag set to the title of the book?
  7. Is the Grouping tag set to “”?
  8. Is the Track tag set to “1”?
  9. Is the Year tag set to whatever year it is right now?
  10. Is the Genre tag set to “Podcast”? 
  11. Is the audio maximized? I’ll open the file in Audacity and check out your wave form. It should be pushing the upper limits, but not peaking.
  12. Did you include a short intro? I’ll listen to the first part to check.
  13. Did you include an outro that can be slightly longer? I’ll skip to the end of the file and check.

If you read any of those and think “What the heck does that mean?” then you did not read the Submission Guide or the 11 Commandments. And you should. Right now. Because you’ve probably missed other things about this process. It’s not hard to do right, but without understanding the process, it’s very easy to do incorrectly.

If you are having trouble setting any of those with whatever software you are using, ask a specific question in the Mentorship Program to get help. Be sure to tell them what software you’re using, and what problem you are having. Lots of helpful people in there willing to assist.

If you’ve checked all 13 items and it looks golden, then it’s time to submit your first file to the Mentorship Program.  They’ll give it a listen and give you feedback on the quality of the contents of the file itself. If you decide to make changes based on their feedback (often a good idea, but always your choice,) do so and then re-run through this checklist before submitting your file via DropItToMe. (That’s covered in the Submission Guidelines.)