New release! Astreya: Book 2. The Men of the Sea by Seymour Hamilton

December 16th, 2014 by Evo

Seymour Hamilton is back with the second book in his young adult series, Astreya. Please enjoy The Men of the Sea:

In The Astreya Trilogy, Book 2: The Men of the Sea, Astreya learns from his grandfather Oron how to control his power over the shipstones aboard the great ship Cygnus. He still yearns for Lindey, left on shore against her will.

Trying to purge a nagging guilt, Roaring Jack sails the Mollie south again, and this time Astreya’s friend Cam is a stowaway.

Astreya’s cousin Adramin tries to make Astreya fail. At The City of the Sea, the lawful meeting place of the great ships, family politics turn violent, with tragic consequences. Astreya must hurry to protect Lindey from his marauding uncle Mufrid, who wants the stone Gar gave her.

A day-and-night sailing duel, a battle at sea, a shipwreck, a fight in a pub, escapes by sea and secret passage, help from unexpected allies and treachery from family all take their toll on Astreya and his friends.

Astreya and Lindey will face even more dangers and deceptions in the last book in The Astreya Trilogy, Book 3: The Wanderer’s Curse.

OYE! OYE! Big news for all our marvelous podcasters and listeners!

December 3rd, 2014 by Lucie Le Blanc



Our lord and master, Evo Terra, was able to achieve quite a feat: with all his bargaining and diplomatic talents, he was able to strike a deal with both Spreaker and Stitcher. Yes, people, as of today, all of Podiobooks’ feeds are now available through those platforms!

For the last weeks, our devoted minions (aka our interns) spent all their free time, and wore their little fingers raw, inputting every RSS Feed (all 689 of them!) into Spreaker and Stitcher. And we are glad to say that both platforms survived the attack: imagine having so much shows added in such a short time. If they could endure that, they probably can endure anything.

More good news? Way before all shows were in their systems, we began seeing activity on our feeds. This is great exposure for our authors! Long live Podiobooks!

New release! The Sweetest One by Stephen L. Moss

December 1st, 2014 by Evo

It’s a new mystery book to kick off the final month of 2014! Check out The Sweetest One by Stephen L. Moss:

“Where Were You the Night Billy Reno Died?” Bass guitarist Paul Kingston didn’t kill his old friend Billy, but the cops say he did, and he’s got no alibi. He’s about to start the biggest recording gig he’s landed in years, and now he’s wanted by the law. Hounded by an overzealous police detective, stalked by a crazy homeless girl who claims Billy sent her, and struggling to make the recording sessions that can pull his music career out of limbo, can Paul find the real killer and clear his name before the cops haul him away? Set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and told through the eyes of a veteran professional musician, The Sweetest One is a fast paced romp jam-packed with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

New release! Alibi Jones and The Time War of The Devrizium by Mike Luoma

November 17th, 2014 by Evo

The Alibi Jones saga continues in this, the fourth book of the The Adventures of Alibi Jones series. Get ready for the four short stories that make up Alibi Jones and The Time War of The Devrizium:

A race of time travelers wants Alibi Jones’ time to come to an end! The Devrizium appear willing to alter time and space itself to remove him from both entirely. A connected Cycle of Four Short Stories: “About Time”, “Remember Two Things”, “Memory, Yet Green”, and “The Last Battle” –   Alibi Jones and The Time War of The Devrizium.

New release! Blast of the Dragon’s Fury by L. R. W. Lee

October 31st, 2014 by Evo

Happy Halloween! Here’s something that’s safe for the kids by new (to us) author L. R. W. Lee: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury

Ten-year-old, Andy Smithson believes he is merely a kid too often in trouble–until his destiny as the Chosen One to break a 500-year-old curse is revealed. Swept away to the land of Oomaldee of medieval times era, he discovers he must collect several ingredients for a magic potion to defeat the oppressive curse that plagues the land, the first of which is the scale of a red dragon, the fiercest of all dragon species. There’s just one tiny problem, he’s never battled dragons, except in video games. Armed with only his wits, an ancient sword and a magic key, he must overcome grave peril at every turn before he can even attempt the feat. No pressure, but it’s his skill alone that will save – or condemn – the kingdom forever.

New release! Warm Honey by Dave Cornford and Steve McAlpine

October 29th, 2014 by Evo

New fiction for you as the end of the month approaches! Here’s a (very) brief blurb for Warm Honey:

Do you parents fill you up with their faults and add a few extra ones as a special bonus?

Rob meets Charis at the same time as he is making contact with is estranged father. Charis and her past are soon extra complications in a family tragedy that threatens to derail Rob’s plans for their future together.

New release! On Pelican Wings by Rick Hoover

October 19th, 2014 by Evo

I think I’ll let the description of our latest book speak for itself:

Rick Hoover has been writing for most of his life while working in radio, television and public relations. “On Pelican Wings” is a collection of his meditations and memories, many first published in the blog he writes as a Deacon at his Episcopal Church parish in Florida. The topics range throughout the timeline of Bible history, and across the contemporary landscape of Christian life. Let Rick read his posts to you as a morning devotional – or settle in for the whole grab bag of stories and experiences that have caught his eye. We think you’ll agree: It’s a very interesting view that we see when lifted up on pelican wings!

New release! Street Candles by David Collins-Rivera

October 15th, 2014 by Evo

So you already plowed through Motherload? Well, it was only a three-chapter prequel. But David hasn’t left you hanging for long. Here’s the second book, Street Candles. And this time, it takes 40 episodes to complete the book. So get to listening already!

1.) Never be desperate
2.) Never do more than your job description
3.) And never, ever go down the well…

Ejoq needs work. The tramp starship GRIZZELDA needs a gunner. But what starts as a last-minute personnel replacement soon turns into something far more, with a non-functional duty station, his predecessor’s emotional fallout, and a deeply buried secret that will change the course of nations.

Through a dark odyssey across a violent, frozen world, and a haze of lies and shadowy clues, Ejoq will face frenzied zealots, frightened elitists, and dangerous mercenaries on an unknown mission.

Revolution, intrigue, and battles among the stars. Better take a deep breath…

New release! Motherload by David Collins-Rivera

October 2nd, 2014 by Evo

Motherload is a science fiction adventure story (space opera), and
it’s the first book in the Stardrifter Series:

A remote corner of a bleak system…
A broken-down gunboat, stuck in space…
An incompetent captain and a misfit crew…
A pirate ship, a silent target, and a whole bunch of secrets…
So how’s YOUR day going?

There have to be easier ways to make a living — easier than dying slowly in an obsolete boat, as its power drains out and life support fails. Forget the job; forget the pirate problem: there’s only time for a desperate jury-rig and maybe a little hand-wringing! And anyway…what are the odds of running into trouble way out there?

Set in a distant future among the stars, this series introduces us to Ejoq Dosantos, professional gunner for corporate and privately-owned armed merchant ships. Pirates, venal business interests, and interstellar intrigue abound, but sometimes it seems like Ejoq (who might have a slight authority issue) is his own worst enemy!

New release! Hidden Things by Doyce Testerman

October 2nd, 2014 by Evo

How about a little urban fantasy to get your ready for the weekend? Check out Hidden Things by Doyce Testerman:

“Watch out for the Hidden Things…”
That’s the last thing Calliope Jenkin’s best friend and former lover says to her before ending a 2 A.M. phone call from Iowa, where he’s investigating a case she knows little about. Five hours later, she gets another call, this time from the police. Josh has been found dead; foul play is suspected. Calliope is stunned.

Especially when Josh leaves a message on her phone a few hours later.

Spurred by grief and suspicion, she heads to Iowa herself, accompanied by a road-weary stranger who claims to know something about what happened to Josh and who can – maybe – help Calli get him back.

The road is not quite the straight shot she imagined. Josh was involved in something a lot more complicated than a teenage runaway or deadbeat dad, and Calliope find herself on a surreal road trip into – and behind – America’s heartland, hounded by once-magical creatures twisted by living too long just out of sight and the bogeymen in Calliope’s own troubled past.