Podiobooks Staff

Well… “staff” may be a stretch, since no one on this site is getting paid for their efforts. But if you’re curious who’s acting behind the scenes…

Founding Team

Tee Morris had the initial idea to release a serialized audio book version of one his his titles. He told Evo Terra, who coined the term podiobook. And Chris Miller offered to code the first working version of our site that lasted seven years.

Current Development & Design

Tim White and Brant Steen do the bulk of the heavy lifting. Jerome Farnum is working behind the scenes to makes things pretty and functional. And Clair High keeps the packets flowing where they need to flow.

Supportive Contributors

Authors J.C. Hutchins, Matthew Wayne Selznick and Nathan Lowell have all played crucial roles in various aspects of the site. Mad props to them.

Fabulous Fans

Over the years, a slew of fans have pitched to keep things running or to develop new features. They include Rick Wezowicz, Ray Slakinski, Sean Jackson, David Moore, Jennifer Sutton… and probably more that I’m forgetting.